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The Alexander Hamilton Post 448 of the American Legion is the only post whose membership is predominantly Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered. All of our Legionnaires are honorably discharged veterans who have successfully served in the United States Armed Forces during a period when our nation was in conflict as defined by the Department of Defense. Organized in 1984, we are recognized locally, statewide and nationally for our activism pertaining to the welfare of all veterans and, especially, our efforts to end the present homophobic discrimination of the United States Military.

If you are an eligible veteran, we urge you to join the Alexander Hamilton Post 448. Our dues are $35.00 annually. We meet on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM in Room 202 of the San Francisco Veterans War Memorial Building at 401 Van Ness Avenue. If you are not local, your membership would support our efforts. If you are presently a Legionnaire, you could transfer your membership to our post with no loss of privileges, but you would augment our numbers and aid our cause.

The Alexander Hamilton Post is a longtime supporter of the San Francisco Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Freedom Band. The entire band consists of individuals that are either members of the Alexander Hamilton Veterans Association or are War Veterans and members of the Post.

If you are not eligible for American Legion membership you can join our support group, The Alexander Hamilton Veterans Association. Members of the Association share in all activities of the post, but cannot hold office in the post or vote. Association dues are $20.00 annually.

If you are the son/grandson of a veteran of an American war from WWI to the Persian Gulf/War on Terrorism conflict, you are eligible to join the Squadron known as Sons of the American Legion (S.A.L.). The veteran could be your parent(s) or grandparent(s). Squadron dues are $20.00 annually.

Click on the button below for application forms and more information about each organization. If you now belong to another American Legion Post and would like to transfer, please see transfers on our membership page.

  Why Post 448?  

Post 448 is not your typical American Legion post. If the Old Guard at the national level takes a stance, chances are Post 448 takes the opposite view. We are a socially progressive post which prides itself on its diversity. We have a large contingent of members from across the nation and in a few foreign counties. Our members come from every branch of service; have served in silence in every conflict from World War II to the Persian Gulf; have worn every rank from the lowest chevron to the flag officer’s stars; and have held every MOS from missile technician, postal clerk, tank driver, combat medic, marine recon, infantry, photographer, and more.

 We have lots of good memories, but have never forgotten what it was like to serve as a gay member of the Armed Forces, open or closeted. We offer support to LGBT veterans and active duty service members. But, in the finest tradition of this Nation and the American Legion, we serve all active duty servicemembers and veterans without reservation.

 Veterans develop a special bond while in the service and this bond thrives long after our discharge. This bond is further strengthened through combat, special training, or like views and values. When you were in the service, you came to rely on and support your teammates and you can find a similar bond with your fellow veterans at Post 448.

 Although our members are predominately LGBT, we have a lot of straight members as well. Many of these people transferred into Post 448 because they disagreed with National policy and their fight against the Repeal of DADT. Their first option was to resign from the American Legion, but many decided to find a post with the proper values and diversity which fit into their belief system. Post 448 was that post.

 If you are a veteran who would like to join us at Post 448, simply complete the application on the back of this pamphlet and mail it with your first year’s dues to the address provided. If you prefer, you can check us out first at one of our monthly meetings. Post 448 meets every 3rd Thursday of each month, 401 Van Ness Ave, War Memorial Veterans' Building Room 202, San Francisco. Our meetings start at 1900 hrs, but be sure to come early for our social hour which begins at 1800 hrs. Refreshments and a light meal are usually available.

 If you are already a member of the American Legion and agree with our values and diversity, you can request a transfer by filling out the form at http://www.post448.org/transfer.htm.






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